How to choose the size of the wheelchair?

To choose the seat size of a manual wheelchair, the following operation is necessary:

  • The person using the wheelchair must remain seated to perform the measurement.
  • Locate the widest part of the hips and place 2 books (one on each side of the person's body) perpendicular to each other.
  • Then we will measure the inner distance between the two ends of the inner side of the books. In this way we will be able to measure the width between the two books. To this measurement it is necessary to add a minimum of 3 centimeters (5 centimeters in case of being in winter).

The total number resulting from the measurement between hips adding the margin for coats (only in winter) and will give us as a result the necessary seat size.

In the case of electronic wheelchairs, the measurement is performed in the same way but it should be noted that most electronic wheelchairs have the option to increase the distance between the armrests, thus making it possible to provide different seat widths.


How to choose the size of the wheelchair?
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