Frequently asked questions

How can I contact you?

You can contact us by sending an email to, we aim to respond to all communications within 24 hours.

What forms of payment are accepted?

At Motion4rent we offer the facility to pay by credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB and Discover) through the Stripe payment gateway. If you prefer, you can also pay by bank transfer but you should contact us so that we can provide you with the bank details.

How can I rent with you?

If you want to make a rental with us, it is very simple, you must do it through our website, indicating the chosen destination, the mobility equipment you want and the dates. If you need help do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you as much as possible.

Do I have to formalize my rental in advance?

Yes, we advise you to make your reservation online well in advance to ensure full availability of your equipment, especially during high season times of the year (summer and holiday periods).

Is there a rental deposit? How is it returned?

Kindly note that at Motion4rent, we engage with numerous collaborators, each with distinct terms and conditions. It is customary that a deposit is requisite for rentals, with the precise sum contingent upon the rented equipment and the respective collaborator. You can expect to receive comprehensive information regarding the deposit amount during the booking procedure.

The deposit is collected upon equipment pickup and will be refunded upon its return, contingent upon the equipment's condition remaining undamaged during the rental period.

What equipment and services does Motion4rent provide?

Motion4rent offers special rental equipment for people with reduced mobility: manual and electric wheelchairs, electric mobility scooters, walkers and other safety items or technical aids.

Can I rent a scooter or electric wheelchair to visit another country?

Yes, at Motion4rent, we have established partnerships with local collaborators in various countries across the globe. Our advanced search engine streamlines the process of locating the equipment you require within your designated destination city.

Do you offer any rental duration?

At Motion4rent you can rent equipment for as little as 1 day and with no time limit, for as long as you need.

What happens if I have to cancel my reservation?

When formalizing the reservation, Motion4rent will inform you of the cancellation policies of each collaborator, which may be different and specific.

If you cancel prior to the cancellation date, you will be refunded the full amount paid.

Who should I call if my equipment breaks?

You must contact the final collaborator of the equipment. Remember that Motion4rent is a search engine and that we are not the owners of the equipment, so we recommend you to contact the collaborator of the destination where you are. If they do not respond to your call, you can always write to us at and we will contact the collaborator to find the best solution as soon as possible.

I am heavier than the average person. Will it be the right equipment for my needs?

Yes, most of our collaborators have equipment suitable for the needs of heavier customers. You can find out where through our website. The website has search filters that will make it easier for you to book. You can also contact us through and tell us what you need, we will do our best to find the most suitable equipment for your needs.

What are my rental rates?

Our rental rates vary according to the destination, the duration of the rental and the pick-up/drop-off points requested. Please note that all quotes are provided in € (euros) or $ (US dollars).

Our prices are always all-inclusive, so you don't need to worry about hidden fees, taxes or delivery charges.

Where do I pick up and drop off equipment?

Motion4rent offers different options, depending on where you rent the equipment. In our search engine you can filter by delivery point: store, private homes, hotels, fairgrounds, stations, ports or airports.

They have tried unsuccessfully to deliver the equipment to my home address, what's wrong?

When you formalize the rental on our website you must set a day and time of delivery. If we cannot reach you at the time of delivery, we will try to deliver as soon as possible, but it is possible that the collaborator will charge you again for travel expenses (of course we will try to reach you by phone before we leave).

Should I inform the hotel that I will be renting adapted mobility equipment?

Yes, it is best to communicate this. We also suggest that you ask for a room on the first floor or make sure that the hotel you have chosen has elevators, and if possible has a place where you can store and charge your equipment. Unfortunately, not all accommodation complexes are 100% accessible.

Do I have to receive the equipment at the time of delivery?

If we deliver it to your residence, please make sure someone is there to receive it at the agreed time. If we deliver it to your hotel or campsite, it is not necessary for you to be present, but if you can be present it is the best option, since you will have to leave a deposit and check the condition of the equipment (If you cannot be present, we recommend that you call the hotel or campsite in advance to inform them of the delivery of the equipment).

How long do batteries last on a charge?

A full charge usually lasts a whole day, depending on the number of kilometers you drive and the speed at which you drive the equipment. It is best to charge the batteries every night with the supplied charger. (It is important to keep in mind that each equipment has a different autonomy... Depending on the equipment you rent, the duration of its batteries may vary).

When do I recharge the equipment batteries?

Your equipment's battery should be charged every day: simply plug the power cord into a standard outlet at the end of the day, and let it charge overnight. Some equipment will have a built-in charger, while others will come with a separate external charger. Our collaborator at each destination will make sure you understand how to use the equipment you have rented.

Does the equipment fit in the trunk of a car?

Some of the equipment will fit, but not all... For example, there are some transportable scooters that can be disassembled and loaded into the trunk of a medium to large car (the heaviest piece can weigh up to 25 - 30 kg).

Standard scooters and powerchairs are usually not detachable and are more suitable for transportation in a minivan or SUV.

If you are unsure, please email us at and we will be happy to help you make a decision.

Where will I store the scooter overnight?

Rain, condensation and heat can damage the equipment's electrical system, so it is best not to leave it outdoors. We advise you to protect it in a shed or indoors when not in use, ideally with a power source to charge it in the meantime.

Can I rent an equipment for someone other than myself?

Yes, of course, there is no problem because the final contract will be made at the chosen destination with the final collaborator, and it will be there where you must provide the data of the person who will use the equipment.

Can I modify my reservation once made?

This point is somewhat more complicated due to potential variations in the cancellation policy and equipment availability. Therefore, we kindly request that you contact us at, and we will promptly get in touch with the equipment collaborator to facilitate any necessary modifications to your reservation.

Why doesn't the payment gateway work?

If there is a problem with the payment gateway, the first thing is to check that the card you are using is valid and has not expired or has a balance problem. If everything is correct and it does not let you finish the reservation process, contact us at the email: to help you solve the problem.

How can I use the discount code?

To use the discount code, you only have to enter it when you make the reservation and you will see how the corresponding discount is applied to the final price of the equipment.

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