Travel without Barriers with Our Elderly

With the arrival of the holidays, it's time to plan your free time and consider the possibility of a trip, a tourist getaway, or a family outing. However, concerns arise when you have elderly people in your care whose physical condition might make you think that traveling could be complicated, both in terms of getting to the destination and mobility during the tourist visits.

Popular wisdom suggests that it is preferable not to travel with elderly people with difficulties, arguing that the experience could be unfavorable for everyone involved. This type of thinking is not only incorrect but can also make our elderly relative feel guilty for being a burden, thus limiting opportunities to enjoy together.

The reality is that there are many solutions that allow the whole family to travel and enjoy pleasant vacations. Currently, many destinations are adequately equipped to ensure safe and comfortable trips, including means of transportation (airplane, train, boat), accommodations (hotels, apartments, campgrounds), and activities designed for people with reduced mobility.

How to Facilitate the Trip?

If your relative needs some support product such as a wheelchair, a lift, or a scooter and it is not possible to take it with you, do not worry. This is where Motion4rent offers an ideal solution. Our mobility support rental company has a wide variety of equipment, from wheelchairs to scooters and transfer lifts. By renting from us, you will have the material you need waiting for you at your destination, ready to be used from the first day of your vacation.

Tips for Traveling with Elderly People

Traveling with elderly people requires additional planning, but with these tips, you can ensure that everyone enjoys the trip:

  • Travel with time: If traveling by car, take breaks every two hours so everyone can stretch, hydrate, and use the bathroom.
  • Comfortable clothing: Make sure the elderly person wears comfortable and loose clothing, especially on the limbs, to avoid circulation problems.
  • Provisions: Always carry food and water during the trip to keep everyone fed and hydrated.
  • Sun protection: Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun without protection. Use sunscreens and appropriate clothing such as caps and hats.
  • Involve the elderly person: Make the elderly person participate in choosing the destination and activities. This not only makes them feel included but also enhances their enjoyment of the trip.

The Motion4rent Experience

Motion4rent users have shared very positive experiences. By using our services, they enjoy the comfort and security of having the necessary equipment directly at their destination. Whether it's to avoid fatigue with an easy-to-handle scooter or to have the safety of a transfer lift, our solutions are designed to enhance the travel experience.


Do not let age or mobility limitations be an obstacle to enjoying a wonderful vacation. With Motion4rent, you can ensure that your trip is pleasant, accessible, and hassle-free. Visit our website and find out how we can help you plan unforgettable vacations for the whole family. Have a great trip!

Travel without Barriers with Our Elderly
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