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Estación San Sébastián City Tour

Estación San Sébastián City Tour

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Musée San Telmo

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Parc Cristina Enea

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Cathédrale du Bon Pasteur de Saint-Sébastien

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San Sebastián, also known as Donostia in Basque, is located on the shores of the Cantabrian Sea in the Spanish Basque Country region, just 20 km from the French border. It serves as the capital of the province of Gipuzkoa and has both Spanish and Basque as its official languages. This city is well-known for various reasons, including its stunning La Concha beach with its long promenade, its world-renowned gastronomy that features numerous Michelin-starred restaurants, and its unique culture of bars and taverns, where visitors can sample the famous "Pintxos" skewers paired with local wine, known as chacolí.

San Sebastián is also recognized for its international film and jazz festivals, which have helped place the city on the world tourism map. Additionally, the city is highly accessible to individuals with mobility issues, as it is relatively flat and has well-designed public transportation, beaches, sidewalks, and pedestrian crossings.

The population of San Sebastián is approximately 188,000, with the metropolitan area having a population of about 440,000. The city's main economic activities include trade and tourism, making it one of the most visited cities in Spain.

Office du tourisme

In San Sebastián, there are two large tourist offices, one permanent and one seasonal, operating only during the summer.

Central office:

The central office is designed to accommodate tourists with disabilities, offering various accessible services such as an adapted counter, magnetic induction loop, Braille guide, and WhatsApp information service. The staff is trained in serving people with diverse needs and abilities, and they are fluent in multiple languages.

Visitors can seek assistance from the central office in booking accommodations and leisure activities, as well as obtaining the special "San Sebastián Card," which offers discounts on public transportation, museums, restaurants, and shops. The office also provides self-guided tours through a headset system, allowing travelers to explore the city's historic district at their leisure.

The central office's hours of operation are:

Summer (June 20th to September 30th): Monday to Saturday from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM, holidays from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Winter (October 1st to June 19th): Monday to Saturday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, holidays from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Address and contact:

  • Alameda del Boulevard 8. 20003 Donostia / San Sebastián.
  • Telephone: (+34) 943481166
  • Email: sansebastianturismoa@donostia.eus


Summer office:

The summer office, although not as accessible as the main office, offers similar services and is staffed by individuals who are trained to serve people with disabilities and speak several languages.

Located across from the train station, the summer office is open from July 1st to September 30th, with the following hours of operation:

Monday to Saturday from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM Sundays from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM Holidays from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Address and contact:

  • Paseo de Francia s/n (in front of the RENFE train station)
  • Telephone: (+34) 607187462
  • Email: sansebastianturismoa@donostia.eus



San Sebastián Airport is located 20 km from the city center in Fuenterrabía, near the France-Spain border. It is a small airport that is served by airlines including Vueling, Iberia, Volotrea, Binter, and Air Nostrum, connecting San Sebastián to major European cities and several destinations within Spain.

The airport provides free assistance to passengers with disabilities and recommends arriving at least 2.5 hours before departure. To request assistance, passengers must notify the airline at the check-in counter or by using the information kiosks located throughout the airport. The airport has two main meeting points, one located outside the terminal on the departures sidewalk and the other inside the terminal lobby.

Passengers must provide information about their special needs when making their reservation at least 48 hours in advance. This service is free and can be requested through the Aena website, by calling (+34) 91 321 10 00, or by emailing sinbarreras@aena.es.

Please note that airlines may have restrictions on transporting mobility equipment. If you are traveling with your own electric wheelchair or motorbike, it is recommended to check with your airline in advance.


How to get from the airport to the center:


However, if you have a mobility device such as a wheelchair, it is advisable to inform the company in advance so that they can ensure that the bus is equipped to accommodate your needs.

The bus stop is located just outside the terminal, and you can purchase your ticket from the driver or from the ticket vending machine at the stop.

It's important to note that the frequency of the buses may vary depending on the time of day and the season, so it's a good idea to check the schedule in advance to ensure that you can make the journey at a convenient time.

  • E20. Hondarribia - Errenteria - Pasaia - San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa square).
  • E21. Hondarribia - Airport - San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa square).
  • E23 and E28. Hondarribia - Irún - San Sebastián (Ibaeta, center and Amara).
  • E25. Hondarribia - Irún / Coast / Airport.
  • E27 and E77. Hondarribia - Irún - Rentería - San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa square). The E27 runs on weekends. The E77, on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • E50. Hondarribia - Anoeta (soccer stadium). Only in official league and cup matches.
  • E78. Hondarribia - Irun. Night, Saturdays all year and Fridays in July, August and September.


At the airport exit you will find the taxi stop, as in any airport, but we will provide you with the contact of a taxi company that has several vehicles adapted for people with reduced mobility. (We recommend contacting them so that they are prepared for your arrival)

The journey takes about 20 minutes to the center of San Sebastián and the price is about €30

Contact Donosti Taxi:

  • Aldapeta, 16 under. 20009- DONOSTIA
  • Telephone (+34) 943 46 46 46
  • Email: info@taxidonosti.com
  • Web: www.taxidonosti.com


Transportation within the city:

We provide a link to the transportation company's website, where you can find information about all the accessible metro, train, and tram stops. Most stops are accessible. Check the link here: https://www.euskotren.eus/en/train/accessibility


The North Station in San Sebastián or Donostia is fully accessible for people with reduced mobility. The station offers a free assistance service for people with disabilities or reduced mobility through Renfe ATENDO. The service is for those who require assistance during their trip and is only available for medium or long-distance routes. To avail this service, booking must be done when purchasing the ticket or at maximum 48 hours before the trip. You can book the service online through their website www.renfe.com, through the APP, or by calling (+34) 912140505.

The main entrance of the station has three automatic sliding doors without steps, each with a clear passage width of 1.7 meters. The radius of rotation within and outside the door is 2 meters. The station's hard pavement allows for easy maneuvering in a wheelchair, without any unevenness or bumps.

Once inside the station, you'll find ticket machines, an information desk, schedule information panels, screens displaying departure and arrival information, and access to the turnstiles that lead to the train platforms. Three of the turnstiles are wheelchair accessible, and the entire area is level. The station has an information desk, but it doesn't have a low counter. Additionally, there are several screens displaying departure and arrival information and two ticket vending machines that are accessible for people in wheelchairs.

The station has an adapted bathroom, but the key must be obtained from the ATENDO service. The door's free width is 0.90 meters, and the toilet measures 1.85 meters deep and 1.85 meters wide. The turning radius inside the toilet is less than 1.50 meters and transfer can only be made from one side. It has two folding bars, one on each side.

Address and contact:

  • Paseo de Francia, 22. 20012 San Sebastian - Gipuzkoa
  • Telephone: +34 912 320 320 (RENFE Customer Service)
  • http://www.renfe.es/


The San Sebastián metro, commonly known as "TOPO," provides metro service within the city of San Sebastián, as well as to other towns in the province and Hendaye. The TOPO covers approximately 30 km, with a mix of underground and surface sections.

Most of the stations are accessible, and you can find a list of accessible and non-accessible stations on the company's website: https://www.euskotren.eus/es/train/accessibility.


  • Telephone: (+34) 943504356
  • Email: topo@ets-rfv.eus


The D-Bus company's urban buses in San Sebastián are accessible to individuals with mobility issues. The buses have a low floor for easy boarding and disembarking, and the entire fleet is equipped with ramps for individuals using wheelchairs or walkers.

Green seats are reserved for individuals with reduced mobility, including the elderly, people with permanent or temporary mobility difficulties due to physical injuries, and pregnant women. These seats are distinguishable from the blue seats used by other passengers.

Both buses and minibuses have designated areas for individuals in wheelchairs, equipped with seat belts and a machine for validating cards, allowing individuals to remain in their wheelchairs while paying for their trip.


Not all taxi companies in San Sebastián have accessible vehicles. However, we can provide the contact information for a taxi company that offers several vehicles adapted for individuals with reduced mobility. (It is recommended to contact them in advance for their services.)

Contact Donosti Taxi:

  • Aldapeta, 16 under. 20009- DONOSTIA
  • Telephone (+34) 943 46 46 46
  • Email: info@taxidonosti.com
  • Web: www.taxidonosti.com

Plages adaptées / accessibles

La Concha Beach:

La Concha beach is a must-see destination when visiting San Sebastián. This stunning beach, located in the heart of the city, offers breathtaking views, with the island of Santa Clara situated in the center of the bay, surrounded by the Urgull and Igueldo mountains.

It's worth noting that the beach is accessible for people with mobility issues and has various services that will be discussed later.

The beach is approximately 1300 meters long and its width varies significantly depending on the tide.

Access to the beach is facilitated by wooden walkways, although these do not extend into the water. For people with mobility issues who want to swim, there is a beach aid service that allows access to the water through the use of an "amphibious vehicle." With the help of one or two monitors, individuals can move around both on the sand and in the water.

To use this service, you can book directly with the monitors on the beach or by calling (+34) 662387008 in advance (reservations made by phone will be given priority), but please note that reservations cannot be made more than one week ahead.

This service is available from June 15th to September 30th, from 11:00 AM to 7:30 PM.

Finally, we want to highlight some of the many services offered by La Concha beach:

  • Assisted bathroom service for people with reduced mobility and/or disabilities.
  • Canoe rental.
  • Public toilets (3 of them adapted for people with mobility problems)
  • Showers (62 showers in total, 1 of them for people with reduced mobility)
  • changing rooms
  • Sources.
  • Bar-chiringuito.
  • Awning rental.
  • Rental of shower towels.
  • megaphone.
  • Nearby parking reserved for PRM.
  • Lifeguard and surveillance service.
  • Sports facilities, beach volleyball…

Transport to La Concha:


The San Sebastián train station is located approximately a 10-minute walk (or roll) away, approximately 900 meters from La Concha beach. The journey is fully accessible for those with wheelchairs.


Lines 5, 16, 18, 25, 33, 40, and 45 have stops near La Concha beach, and all of them are accessible for individuals with mobility limitations.

Private car:

There are designated parking spots for individuals with reduced mobility around La Concha beach. If you have a blue European parking card, you can park in the PRM marked spaces on the street for free, for an unlimited time.

There are also several private parking lots in the area with reserved spots for individuals with reduced mobility.


Ondarreta Beach:

This beach is accessible for individuals with mobility limitations, thanks to its access ramps. However, it does not offer bathroom assistance and the walkway does not extend to the water's edge.

Located to the west of the city, at the base of Mount Igueldo and directly in front of the Miramar Palace, Ondarreta Beach offers a family-friendly atmosphere. Although it is not as well-known as La Concha, it still provides several services such as:

  • Children's playground in the sand itself.
  • 2 bars-chiringuitos.
  • Canoe rental services.
  • Public toilets (11 in total, 1 of them adapted for people with reduced mobility)
  • changing rooms
  • Showers (32 showers, 1 of them accessible to people with reduced mobility.)
  • Sources.
  • Box office.
  • Shower towel rental service.
  • Lifeguard and surveillance service. (From June 1 to September 30)
  • Rental of awnings, umbrellas and tents.
  • Sports facilities, etc.

Transport to Ondarreta:


Lines 5, 16, 18, 25, 33, 40, and 45 have stops very close to Ondarreta beach and all of them are accessible to people with mobility problems.

Private car:

In the surroundings of Ondarreta there are places reserved for people with reduced mobility.

If you have the blue European parking card you can park in the spaces marked as PRM on the street at no cost and all day.

There are also several private car parks in the area that have parking spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility.


Zurriola Beach:

Located in the Gros neighborhood, between the Kursaal and Monte Ulía buildings, Zurriola Beach is the most bustling and surf-oriented beach in San Sebastián. After its renovation, it has become a popular destination for surfers and young people from around the world.

Many championships and courses in surfing, volleyball, soccer, and shoveling are held at Zurriola.

The beach is accessible and provides lifeguard services, but does not offer bathroom assistance. Similar to the other two beaches mentioned, Zurriola Beach also has several services available, such as:

  • Public bathrooms: (it has 4 bathrooms, 1 of them accessible to people with mobility problems.
  • Showers (it has 24 showers, 1 of them for people with reduced mobility.
  • box office
  • Shower towel rental service
  • Lifeguard service (from June 1 to September 30)

Transport to Zurriola:


Lines 17, 29, 31 and 40, among others, have stops very close to Zurriola beach and all of them are accessible to people with mobility problems.

Private car:

Around Zurriola beach there are places reserved for people with reduced mobility

If you have the blue European parking card you can park in the spaces marked as PRM on the street at no cost and all day.

There are also several private car parks in the area that have parking spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility.

Quartiers / zones

San Sebastián is renowned for its exceptional cuisine, with pintxos being one of its most iconic dishes. A visit to the city is not complete without taking a tour of the old town to sample some of these culinary creations.

It's worth noting that most of the streets in the old town are pedestrianized and wheelchair accessible, with few architectural barriers. However, not all of the establishments are accessible for individuals with reduced mobility, as some may have uneven surfaces, stairs, narrow spaces, or lack accessible toilets.

For those unfamiliar with pintxos, they are bite-sized appetizers. There is a wide variety available, both hot and cold, and they are often served on a slice of bread (but not always). They are usually displayed at the bar, and customers can select from the options presented. They are typically served on a toothpick.

The process is straightforward: once inside the establishment, you grab a plate and select the pintxos you want. Leave the toothpicks on your plate, which signals to the waiters how many pintxos you have consumed and helps determine your final bill.

It's important to note that pintxos are not cheap. In addition to the cost of the pintxos, the price of a drink must also be taken into account (chacolí wine is a popular choice, but there is no set standard).

Below, we have compiled a short list of important and accessible establishments located in the old town:


Beti Jai:

Beti Jai is a classic establishment that has undergone a recent renovation and is well-known for its intricate pintxos and high-end cuisine.

This place is often visited by tourists, and while prices are not budget-friendly, you can be sure that you'll have a delicious meal.

At Beti Jai, you'll find a diverse selection of both hot and cold pintxos.

  • Address: Fermin Calbeton Kalea, 22, 20003 Donostia, Gipuzkoa


Bar Urola: 

We have already mentioned the Urola Restaurant in our list of restaurants, but it also has a snack area that is accessible for people with mobility issues. This bar is a must-visit and is accessible to those with mobility problems. (We highly recommend trying).

  • Address: Fermin Calbeton Kalea, 20, 20003 Donostia, Gipuzkoa


La cuchara de San Telmo: 

This is one of the essentials, well known by the people of San Sebastián and recognized by the best gastronomic critics. 

It is not easy to access, mainly because it is always full... If you are lucky you will be able to find a place at one of its outdoor tables and what we recommend the most is its razor clams or grilled foie. 

  • Address: Calle 31 de Agosto, 28 rear. Saint Sebastian.


La Espiga: 

This place is a bit far from the others that we have mentioned, but we wanted to propose it to you anyway, it is a family-owned place that opened in 1928, where we can find a wide variety of pintxos, what's more, some local will tell you that the pintxos were invented in the Espiga (we cannot confirm it). 

If we have to recommend a pintxo to you, we would undoubtedly say "La chorrea" this skewer is made up of egg, ham and cheese, hot, another simple pintxo, but incredibly good is its spanish omelette skewer. 

  • Address: Calle San Marcial 48. San Sebastián

Restaurants adaptés / accessibles

Kokotxa Dani Lopez Restaurant: https://www.restaurantekokotxa.com/

Kokotxa restaurant opened its doors in 2002 and received its first Michelin star within just five years. Located in the heart of the historic district of San Sebastián, it is situated near the Basilica of Santa Maria, the Puerto Marino, and La Concha beach.

The restaurant offers bold Basque cuisine with a focus on seafood.

Please note that the restaurant is closed on Sundays and Mondays and is open for both lunch and dinner on other days. It is recommended to make a reservation in advance.

While the restaurant does not have its own private parking, there are two close by that have spaces reserved for individuals with reduced mobility. Additionally, the restaurant is accessible for people with mobility issues and has facilities for wheelchairs.

Address and contact:

  • Calle Campanario 11. 20003 San Sebastián Gipuzkoa
  • Telephone: (+34) 943421904


Casa Urola Restaurant: https://casaurolajatetxea.es/

This restaurant located in the old part of San Sebastian, founded in 1956 and run by chef Pablo Loureiro Rodil, offers traditional Basque food, based on grilled meats, but also offers a wide selection of hot and cold skewers “Pintxos” that we highly recommend.

It is important to note that reservations are recommended, especially during peak times, as the restaurant is quite popular and the demand for its services is high.

In terms of accessibility, the restaurant is located in an old building with some architectural barriers, but it has made an effort to be accessible to people with reduced mobility. The entrance and some areas inside the restaurant have been adapted to make it easier for people in wheelchairs to access and move around.

In addition, they offer a range of traditional dishes that are sure to delight your taste buds, and their extensive wine list makes it easy to find the perfect pairing for your meal. So, if you're looking for a restaurant with a warm and welcoming atmosphere that serves delicious Basque cuisine, be sure to check out Casa Urola.

Address and contact:

  • Calle Fermin Calbetón 20. 20003 San Sebastian Gipuzkoa
  • Telephone: (+34) 943441371


Ikaitz Restaurant: https://www.restauranteikaitz.com/

This restaurant is located on the right bank of the Urumea River, near the Kursaal Congress Center. We can say that it is a modern restaurant, but with rustic touches that make it a warm and friendly place.

Its chef Gustavo Fioseco offers us Basque cuisine, but with modern touches. We highly recommend his rice dishes, but you will also love his fish and meat... All this paired with one of the many wines that you can find on his menu.

We strongly recommend contacting in advance to reserve. (Monday and Tuesday it is closed, the rest of the week it is open for both lunch and dinner)

The restaurant is adapted for people with reduced mobility and wheelchairs.

Address and contact:

  • Paseo Colón 21. 20002 San Sebastián Gipuzkoa
  • Telephone: (+34) 943290124

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